Above Desk PDUs

Above desk office PDUs are designed to power computers and office equipment in areas where power is unreliable, inconsistent, or just needs to be upgraded or replaced altogether. While they are ideal for use in offices and laboratory areas, they can also be useful in other work environments and commercial spaces such as restaurants, retail stores, warehouses, etc., that utilise computers and office equipment on a daily basis. This article will go over the many benefits of office PDUs so you can see if they could be right for your business.

Optional custom made PDUs to order

PDU Online offers custom made PDUs to match any specification. Configurable with multiple socket options, in addition, Plug and Control options for switching and surge protection are available to fit your requirements. We also offer a free service of personalising the product to match your needs, so you can rest assured that when you purchase a PDU from us it will be tailored exactly to suit you! All our products come manufactured, rigorously tested, and exceed our high standards of quality in order to give you an excellent experience.