19 Inch PDUs

Data centre power distribution units (PDUs) are one of the most important components in any data centre, as they’re critical to the safe and efficient running of your infrastructure. So if you’re planning on buying new PDUs, or upgrading existing ones PDU Online offers the perfect solution.

You’ll find many great 19″ PDUs at PDU Online, built from aluminium and configurable with UK 13A, C13, or C19 sockets. And if you need any customization at all – no worries!

Ingenious Design

Our 1.5u UK 13A socket PDUs are built using a unique busbar system (so there are no wires connecting each socket), this means there’s less heat generated and greater reliability.

Custom Solutions

We offer free customisation of our products so they’re tailored to your needs. It’s simple: just give us a call and tell us what you need. We design these solutions in London; we manufacture them in London; and then we ship them to you wherever you are!