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Lockers PDU with white sockets

As we do more work with the locker manufacturers we appreciate the problems they encounter as they try to improve their offering and add value for their customers. The addition of not only power for lockers but USB charger points has no doubt raised the bar in providing an added facility to just providing the locker space itself. To be able to recharge devices whilst in the gym, when off shift or out of class can be such a benefit in our everyday busy lives. When it’s so easy to forget and sometimes so inconvenient, even critical when your battery indicator turns red!

  • Can I fit power sockets into Lockers?
  • What is the best way to integrate power chargers into lockers?
  • Lockers with power outlets?

Can I fit power sockets into lockers?

Yes, one conventional way of supplying power for lockers could be via a standard 13 A power sockets. This could even include USB charging outlets. However, this method requires the locker company to wire in and fit these items and then test, which is all time consuming and therefore costly.

Whilst the individual components are relatively inexpensive; socket outlets, cable, clips etc. the total cost is really determined by the amount of time it takes to assemble these items together. Some locker companies are set up and able to do this and we are delighted to supply the standard accessory products for this approach.

What is the best way to integrate power chargers into lockers?

Another method is to have a purpose made PDU produced. The unit will integrate into the locker structure and build. Purpose made PDUs for lockers are pre-wired, tested and ready to go. This admittedly is initially a more costly approach but can often be the more cost effective solution once all the time and labour cost is considered by carrying out the other way.

Lockers with power outlets?

Standard PDUs are manufactured in black as most often they are required to be blended into the background in such places as data cabinets, specialist furniture or display units. However, the back of locker cubicles are rather dark in themselves and by working with one of customers we were asked if we could replace the usual black devices with white alternatives to highlight their position by contrasting with their surroundings. This was simply achieved and provided a solution at no extra cost, enhancing the use of the locker for the end user.

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