PDUs for Racks

Whether you require a basic PDU or a bespoke unit to suit your own situation then we are here to work with you and provide a solution.

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PDUs For Racks

PDUs for racks are usually fitted horizontally across the front of the data cabinet. Or if the number of outlets exceeds what can be fitted within the width of the 19” rack fixing centres then they are fitted vertically. Commonly in either the back right or left hand corner. Additional functionality can be also incorporated into the PDUs to overcome localised problems that you may be encountering. These may include voltage spikes, over-currents or electromagnetic interference.

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19" Horizontal PDUs

19″ horizontal PDUs are featured on the site with a configurator to allow you to select a number of options. Including the amount of outlets; switch or neon indication; surge protection etc. There is a limit of what can be fitted within a 19” PDU for rack format. This can be overcome by either going vertical or adding another 19” product. The most common sockets employed are the UK 13A and PDU Online is one of the few manufacturers that can offer an 8 way UK 13A unit in this width.

As the UK 13A outlet is the most common, the applicable British Standard BS 1363 determines that it should be a footprint of 50mm. As a result our horizontal units are 1.5U in overall height.

We offer a wide range of outlets including the IEC C13 (10A rating) and C19 (16A rating). As well as many international socket from European schuko to north American and Australian. Various lengths of supply lead and style of supply plug are also available.


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10" PDU

10” Small Office Home Office (SOHO) PDU

Small racks with 10” (254mm) fixing centres are often chosen for use in offices or homes where audio visual equipment used. We offer a range of 10″ horizontal PDUs with a variety of outlets. If you cant see the configuration you need, contact us to discuss your options.

10” and 19” horizontal PDUs have front facing brackets i.e. they are flush with the front face. Each has three slots to enable maximum flexibility in picking cage-nut positions within the rack.

Vertical Mount PDUs

When fitted into a vertical power distribution unit the UK 13A outlets are offered in either 45° angled left or right versions. This enables plug leads to fall neatly to the one side or the other when populated into the appropriate corner of the data cabinet. 

Vertical PDUs have rear facing brackets i.e. they are flush with the back face of the unit. Each has three slots to enable maximum flexibility in picking the cabinet cage-nut positions.

Vertical PDU for rack

Supplementary Items

PDU for Audio Visual

Protection Options

Many additional items can be provided within the PDU to overcome particular problems that may be important to you. This may be surge protection to help even out voltage spikes or EMI (electromagnetic interference) filters if you have adjacent appliances that may be creating unwanted high frequency electronic noise.

To provide over current protection PDUs can be suppled with anything from fuse modules to MCBs (miniature circuit breakers) to RCDs (residual current devices) to RCBOs (MCB and RCD combined)

Sequential Start

The fitting of sequential start electronics with pre-set one second intervals to power up individual outlets may be of interest where start-up following a brown out situation can overload circuits. By utilising a staggered start PDU a much larger investment in upgrading circuits may be avoided.

PDU for rack Sequential Start

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