PDUs for Audio Visual

As your audio visual equipment became more sophisticated so did the requirement for the PDUs for Audio Visual to reflect these increased and diverse demands.

PDU for Audio Visual

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PDUs for Audio Visual

Would a special Power Distribution Unit be of use to your AV installation?

  • A mixture of UK 13 A and IEC C13 or C19 outlets
  • A choice of supply plug types and lead lengths
  • EMI or surge protection
  • Sequential start to even out power build-up
  • Simple power meters to show loading
  • Remote monitored PDUs
Digital signage PDUs

What are Audio Visual PDUs (Power Distribution Units)

In previous times the basic plastic extension socket was no doubt often used to provide the splitting of the power supply to multiple audio and visual devices. This was not only very limiting but often these power strips were not designed for continuous use under load. Also did not meet the British and European standards such as BS EN 6396 or BS EN 60950. For use in these and similar applications. Furthermore, as your audio visual equipment became more sophisticated so did the requirement for the electrical supply power bar to reflect these increased and diverse demands.

We are a specialist manufacturer who have been producing power outlets for nearly 50 years. Now we are able to offer not only the standard 13A UK outlet but also provide a wide range of other national and international devices. During our development it became necessary to provide not only PDUs for Audio Visual connectors. But also data transmission points and other computer and communication accessory outlets such as RS45 and USB charger outlets.

Every installation is different so you can choose the length of supply lead; standard flex, low smoke zero halogen (LS0H) double insulated or armoured and select the style and type of supply plug from UK 13A, IEC 60309 [32A Commando].


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18th Edition Wiring Accessories

With the publication of the 18th edition of the IET Electrical Wiring Regulations [BS EN 7671] a significant emphasis was made on providing adequate surge protection. Across all installations following a suitable risk assessment. To offer circuit and localised surge protection is also very important when considering the sophistication and hence vulnerability of AV equipment.

Whether it is digital signage, home cinema, video walls or event equipment mains borne power surges or spikes can seriously damage electronic controls.

We have a number of surge arresters and electromagnetic filters that can be built into our PDUs to offer you a range of protection right where you need it – next to your equipment. Generally speaking a surge protection device (SPD) protects against over-voltage and transients. These are often caused by external lightning strikes or internal switching events by local equipment such as motors. They are also known as a transient surge suppressor (TVSS). A surge arrester has a low impulse ratio so that any over voltage can be detected and dispersed to earth (ground) rather than passing through your equipment. The surge modules we into our PDUs are known as Class 3 devices and should be used in conjunction with Class 2 devices in the circuit distribution board.

PDU for Audio Visual

Sequential Start

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) is also called radio-frequency (RFI) when in the radio frequency spectrum is a disturbance generated either by impedance, opposition to current in interconnected wiring or externally by cosmic energy solar flares or power and telephone lines. We have supplied SPDs and EMI filters in the same unit to offer the best protection we can.

Other electronic devices such as sequential or delayed start printed circuit boards can be incorporated into a PDU if there is a concern that following a power outage it would be beneficial to stagger the start up to avoid another instant drop-out of the circuit as all equipment returns to full load.

This feature can be popular in instances where a usually adequate 32A circuit for instance maybe temporarily overloaded as a result of an occasional conference, exhibition or media event that requires the power source. Many pieces of electrical equipment will have a power surge on start up for milliseconds before settling back. A delayed start can help even out this occurrence.

PDU Protection

To monitor power consumption a digital ammeter can be fitted so decision making can be done and avoidance of perhaps costly and embarrassing circuit failure ensue. The fitting of miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) and residual current devices (RCDs) and the combination of both (RCBOs) can be locally built in the PDU should that be useful, particularly if the sub distribution board is in a largely inaccessible or inconvenient position.

Remote monitored units are also available to view via the internet the current, voltage, kW hours and power factor. Upper and lower limit controls can be adjusted with audible alarms from the units should these be breached.

Locker PDU RCD Protection

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