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They do say if you eat cheese late at night you’re likely to get weird dreams. Well, we at PDU Online could not eat enough cheese to dream up all the areas where our bespoke PDUs are used! Take for instance a company who manufacturers portable photo booths for professional and private events. Aware that PDU Online were UK manufacturers and offered bespoke PDUs with short lead times the company made contact to see if we could provide a solution to their requirements:

  • Bespoke PDU Design
  • Robust but Light Weight
  • Small Quantities Available at Short Notice
  • Special Product but no Special Price

Bespoke PDU Design

Initially the specification was discussed with one of our specialist Account Managers. Following this we quickly provided drawings and initial samples were made to ensure correct fitting. This route is a useful journey for both parties to provide and pass-off approved samples before commitment. Each booth had a variety of necessary electrical equipment fitted internally that required a simple power feeder to be fully integrated into the design. It was requested that the design should be as small and as discreet as possibly so as not to interfere with the other equipment but to be easily accessible. The unique PDU Online construction utilising clip together and interchangeable modules enabled simple product variants to be made once the basic design construct was agreed. This flexibility of build options met the requirements to suit the various booths that the company offered.

Robust but Lightweight

The photo booths themselves are so designed to be easily transportable in an average hatchback from venue to venue. To be durable but easy to transport was an important feature and necessary characteristic that also needed to apply to the Bespoke PDUs. Conventional plastic extension sockets although lightweight do not offer sufficient durability and of course are mass produced in limited basic formats and do not permit any customisation. PDU Online power distribution units are made from extruded aluminium with thermoplastic accessory components which met the objectives of the overall booth design being both lightweight and durable.

As more variants followed each unit was designed to suit the exact size and requirements of each model of booth, all given unique references so future ordering was made easy.

Small Quantities Available at Short Notice

Some customers may think that when quantity requirements are small that manufactures are either not interested or will only make them when larger orders are not being produced. The business model that we established was that the customer is front and centre of the business and all enquiries large and small are valued and should experience the same level of great service.

Special Product but no Special Price

That special does not mean expensive is another myth that needs to be dispelled. This may indeed be appropriate to elite sports cars where limited editions are deliberately designed to preserve value but we have geared up to both batch and mass produce and so the benefits of scale are used in our supply chain and not so affected by the final assembly and distribution.


Producing a purpose-made design for our photo booth customer was made possible by meeting their criteria of a robust but lightweight solution; available in small quantities at short notice and at a competitive and value for money price.

As a manufacturer we can offer bespoke solutions quickly and easily, made possible by stocking all components and having a flexible manufacturing process. “Naturally we all like large orders but much of our business is small and special,” says Chris Moran, PDU Online Sales Manager, “the way we are set up we can respond quickly and effectively and dispel the myth that bespoke equals expensive”.

Not all PDUs require the design process and the online product configurator allows you to add various modules of functionality such as surge protection or filters and different plug styles as a way to build your own PDU. Many variants can be created this way and then taken to the online check out. However, if you prefer to contact us as this photo booth company did, by online chat or email we can determine your requirements and then send your own quotation that can be taken also to the check out.

With the photo booths from the north west and the PDUs made in the midlands, both companies are proud to be part of UK manufacturing during these difficult times.

What can you say apart from “Say Cheese! You dream it up, we’ll make it”

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